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Motion Sensor Light Bulb Socket

This is a perfect for your motion sensor light bulb. This will lite up your home with its dpermable light bulb socket and adapter. This will make your life much easier to find the light you need.

Motion Sensor Light Socket

Motion sensor light socket: a motion sensor light socket is a great way to increase the safety and convenience for your users. A motion sensor light socket can detect motion and send a low power signal to their device. This will turn on the light in their room when they are present, increasing the safety for them.

Screw In Motion Sensor Light Socket

This is a motion sensor light socket that works with 2 pcs e27 pir infrared motion sensor. It's a great choice for those who want to make sure their home is safe and secure. The light can be used for warning others of danger, and even powering aafe devices. The light bulb is then heated which is used to detect motion. The light bulb is then connected to the socket and the light bulb holder. The light bulb can be on while it is being used, to prevent it from turning off while it's being used. this motion sensor light bulb socket is perfect for applications where a infra-red light bulb is necessary while refused by common long-axis motion sensors. The base of the bulb holder is then attached to the top of the light socket with a small zip-line connector. The bulb is then ready to illuminate. The sleek design is perfect for adding to any room and the touch of a button can turn your home into one of the most familiarity with touch capabilities. With a variety of colors to choose from, this socket is perfect for any home situation.